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Dathan G

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Welder/Fabricator/Mechanic seeks local tuner shop.
Rocklin, California
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Mechanic in Rocklin, California

I'm an
Thanks for checking out my advertisement. As the title suggests, I am seeking apprenticeship and/or employment at a mechanical shop that specializes in fabrication and customization of high performance automobiles. I can't say I have a specialty yet being fairly young, but I have limited experience. I posses an interesting array of skills and experience that is attractive to those willing look and see it. Who wants to judge a book by its cover, right? There is nothing more stressful than knowing ones own capabilities and being second handed or judged upon appearances, given the fact that some live for this kind of work. In this lengthly introduction, I would like to take the time to give some details as to what it is I'm passionate about and what I seek. I am absolutely fascinated with import cars, specifically Nissan and Toyota. IDK what is, but something has always drawn me to adore them and I need to find a tuner shop that builds and tunes engines, transmissions, drive-trains, suspension, etc. Since Drifting has made it big in the USA, it has become more and more common in the larger cities, for tuner shops to evolve, and some even beginning in ones garage. I don't have a garage anymore, and even though I had that opportunity in the past, I totally missed it. I didn't see what I had at the time. This was years ago, and since then, I have mastered a few mechanically inclined skills. When I was younger, I worked on my fathers Harley and his trucks/cars with him. He taught me the basics which let me expand to dirt bikes, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, four wheelers, cars and trucks of my own, and even friends cars as they were coming to newer developed motor sports or hobbies. I joined the military when I was 17, and scored high enough to choose any job. So, being I love mechanical stuff, I naturally gravitated towards mechanical and maintenance. I was an intermediate crewman of the Sikorsky UH-60 Black-hawk, a rotary wing aircraft. I joined during peace time and naturally to my spirit, had negative feelings towards war itself, thus resigned from my services shortly after September 11th 2001. Like my father though, a welder/fitter by trade, I graduated from a creditable welding institute with TOP welding honors in 2004. I had left the Florida area for work on the road as a combination code pipe welder... a combo code welder as we call it. I have welded pipe so large in fact, you could drive your car through it... to pipe so small and thin, you could crush it with your hand. I have a steady and delicate hand, and am a skillful welder, capable of welding on all kinds of materials and thicknesses, and in ALL positions. GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, and even gas welding is as easy as pie... :) I have spent a few years in shops on top of all that, fabricating a variety of materials and products. From farm equipment, to nascar shops, to power stations across the nation, I have made employment in over 30 states with at least 20 different contractors! I am not here to brag, it really is as simple as this, there is a lot of work out there in that field and I took it upon myself to get the experience I needed to get me where I wanted to go. Thing is, this has changed. I was going for aeronautical engineering, airframe and power plant technical and related, but as I mentioned before, I have always been more passionate about cars, and lets face it, driving/racing them. So, here I am, I finally figured it out. Now I need to find a shop that will accept an apprentice to join the team and pick up where I left off. I actually have experience working on cars, fabrication and welding relating to them, and even painting/art... I also happen to have a niche for DJing electronic dance music as well. It seems I have good hands for that type of stuff... I can see with my hands... and feel with them, and they have guided me this far. It would be silly to ignore my destiny anymore. That all said, I'm looking for a shop. IF you know of anyone that is seeking someone with skills and experience in this area of expertise, or perhaps you have a garage you run on the weekends working on your friends cars in hopes to open your own shop, I would love to chat with you, and see if our goals overlap, maybe we would hit it off and hey, who knows what can happen. If I could have exactly what I want, I would join a team/shop as an apprentice/journeyman, that specializes in Japanese cars made built for drifting. I want to learn to drift one day for fun too, and simply help around the shop. I can also push a broom and clean bathrooms, pick up lunch for the team, organize computer data, set up CNC machinery, mills lathes, punches, presses, brakes, everything you would need, to actually build a car from the ground up, out of stock square materials. I have several resumes but its so complex and lengthy, if I wanted to show you everything I have done, where I have worked, what tools I can use, what training I have received... etc. I posses training on safety as well, and safe operation of heavy equipment! IE lulls, forklifts, backhoes, front end loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks, etc... Though, I cannot say I possess a cdl. I have welded my own bicycle frames and even used to race them... I snowboard and love music/art. Well that is long enough, if you want to contact me, give me call, LEAVE ME A MESSAGE AND email me! I may not have my phone on at times, as I am always a student and sometimes in class. I am not employed at the moment and do not drive currently! I can get a CA dl license but no longer own my own vehicle. I will be getting my own ride here this fall, I have been saving up for a Nissan 240sx, which I plan to create a resume out of that, and hope to take it to shops to show what it is I am capable of. In the meantime, I cannot wait, please give me a call and email if you are a shop owner, manager, or even a weekend warrior that simply wants to find like minded people with some experience in the related area, we can befriend each other and see where it goes professionally. Thank you for taking the time to read my hopefully easy to read lengthly advertisement and for your consideration. Have a great day!

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