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Zane G

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Professional Federally Certified Mechanic
Spokane, Washington
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Mechanic in Spokane, Washington

I'm an
Hello my name is Zane Geis, I'm 25 years old and am a small town back country Iowa boy born and raised! I'm a federally licensed A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) aircraft mechanic as well as a certified automotive mechanic. I am offering my services as a mechanic to anyone who is in need of work being done on their vehicle, I work full time right now at Fasteners Machine Shop and am trying to supplement that income with whatever other work I can find right now. I have done production work before in multiple automotive shops and am very competent at working on most types of vehicles. If you come to me with a job and I don't feel confident either in my abilities or in the tools/equipment I have on hand, then I will let you know and politely decline your offer to work on your vehicle, and if you want, I'll even help you find a person or shop that can take care of your vehicle for you. That being said: If anyone has any car issues or has a check engine light on in their vehicle... DON'T PAY $100.00 OR MORE AT A SHOP TO GET IT SCANNED OR INSPECTED!!! It takes just a few minutes and I have a fully functional high end scanner that can work on all makes and models both foreign and domestic from 1985 up to the present and all the necessary tools and equipment at my garage to inspect, diagnose, and repair or replace 95% of vehicle problems. I would love to help anyone who needs work done 515-... person I did work for had me replace his ENGINE AIR FILTER, FUEL FILTER, FRONT BRAKE PADS AND ROTORS, REAR BRAKE SHOES AND DRUMS, TRANSMISSION FLUSH AND FILTER CHANGE, ENGINE OIL AND FILTER CHANGE, SPARK PLUGS AND IGNITION WIRES and in the end it saved him over $850.00 having me do it rather than taking it to a commercial shop to get all that done. If you have any questions at all and/or are interested in possibly having me look at or work on your vehicle then please feel free to contact me! Here is my phone number and I hope to hear from you soon! 515-509-... Here's an example of what I can save you on a basic routine job that everyone needs done: Brakes (all four wheels): (Pats pricing averaged between O'Reilly, Autozone, Advance, and Napa) Commercial Shop Average = 4 Rotors - $239.90 (Cost 25.99 per rotor, multiplied by 2.4) 2 Sets of Pads - $129.55 (Cost 27.99 per set, multiplied by 2.4) 2.8 Hours Labor - $280.00 (... per hr) Shop Supplies - $19.48 (3% of total bill) Taxes - $60.20 TOTAL BILL - $729.13 My Cost = 4 Rotors - $103.96 (... per rotor) 2 Sets of Pads - $55.98 (2... per set) 2.8 Hours Labor - $84.00 ($30 per hr) TOTAL BILL - $243.94 I'm willing to work with you on pricing but just so you have an idea of what I ask for here's a rough layout of my rates: Parts: Either you can supply your own parts or I can acquire them. If I get the parts then I will provide you with the receipt for them and ask that you pay for the cost of the parts. So in the end what I pay for the parts is what you pay for them and they do NOT get marked up at all. Like I said I'm trying to save you money while earning some for myself at the same time so hopefully it's a win win for both sides! $30.00 per hr Labor (Every shop I've checked with in Spokane charges a minimum of $100 per hr for Labor) So I feel that $30 is a fair price to ask but like I said I will do my best to work with you if you can't do that. $25.00 for full MPI (Multipoint Inspection) Below is an example of what all is included in an MPI: Multipoint Point Inspection Date:__________ Owner's name:__________ Year, Make, Model, Engine size:__________ License Plate #: __________ Production Date:__________ VIN: __________ Milage:__________ Check Engine Light Neutral Safety Switch Head Lights Brights Front Blinkers Rear Blinkers Brake Lights Reverse Lights Engine Oil Engine Coolant Engine Air Filter Cabin Air Filter Brake Fluid Power Steering Fluid Transmission Fluid Transfer Case Fluid Differential Fluid Tire Pressure FL __ FR __ RL __ RR __ Tire Wear Wheel Bearings Axels/Axle Seals Inner/Outer Tie Rod Ends Upper/Lower Ball Joints Sway Bar Sway Bar Links Front Brakes Rear Brakes Battery Voltage (power off) ____ Battery Charging Voltage ____ V E H I C L E C O D E S _____________________ ___________________ _____________________ ___________________ _____________________ ___________________ Discrepancy List: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ I've had a lot of people contacting me asking me to do odd jobs like replacing strut springs, clutch master and slave cylinders, fuel injectors, and I have no problem doing those jobs! I love it all! But I know that everyone needs routine maintenance done such as oil changes, brake jobs, coolant services, transmission services, spark plugs and ignition wires, battery and alternator replacements, water pumps and timing belts/chains..... and those jobs can run upwords of $300.00 $... or even for some brake jobs that require all four wheels $800.00. Timing belts/chains and water pumps can easily be over $1000.00 and even close to $2000.00 sometimes. I can do the work for much less money and for what I promise is better quality work than what you'll receive at any production shop because I don't have a boss breathing down my neck telling me to hurry up and cut corners so we can make more money quicker! I do quality over quantity every time! I am efficient and effective at what I do and I promise to save you time and money if you're willing to give me the chance to earn your business and hopefully along with that your respect. Again my name is Zane and my phone number is 515-509-.... If you're interested or you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me and I hope I can be service to you. Thank you and have a great day! Here's a list of services I've performed in the last 3 months for people who have responded to my add here on CL: Engine Oil and Filter Change Coolant Flush Transmission Fluid and Filter Change Serviced Rear Differential Replaced Thermostat Replaced Thermostat Housing Unit Replaced Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses Replaced Rear Struts Replaced Crankshaft Position Sensor Replaced Camshaft Position Sensor Replaced Spark Plugs Replaced Ignition Wires Replaced Ignition Coil Replaced Ignition Cap and Rotor Replaced Front and Rear Strut Springs Replaced Alternator Replaced Brake Pads and Rotors Replaced Brake Drums and Shoes Replaced Sway Bar Links Replaced Lower Ball Joints Replaced Oil Pan Gasket Replaced Water Pump Replaced Timing Belt and Belt Tensioner Replaced Serpentine Belt Replaced Fuel Filter Replaced Fuel Injector Replaced Air Filter (I don't charge for air filters cause they take 5 seconds to do lol) Replaced Power Steering Pump Replaced Radiator Replaced Transmission Cooler Line Replaced Valve Cover Gaskets Replaced Hood Struts Replaced Windshield Wiper Motor Linkage

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